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On International Real Estate Directory you can find complete listings with the best properties for sale or lease in the area, with fully detailed descriptions, photographs and contact information for the best Real Estate Agents in the area.

international properties for sale

international properties for sale

The online franchises are one of the steps the real estate agencies should follow, in order to become a successful enterprise. New agencies with property exhibitions overseas, must indulge some of their time in this kind of websites, where you will learn how to sell your properties online, while evolving into an online franchise.

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can have your real estate in USA, Australia, London or Asia you will still be able to list ads and have them seen by over 1million potential clients with our help. The International Real Estate Alliance can give you the tools to have the ideal ad for your house or houses for sale online.

You can visit our multiple websites and see how others have placed their ads, the America Real Estate Directory can serve you as guide to evaluate which direction, you could take next.


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How to find a real estate agent

Searching for a good real estate agent is important to enjoy a painless transaction. It is said that”20% of real estate agents perform 80% of business” and its true. A good real estate agent does not necessarily work at the largest brokerage firm or close to most of the transaction or make most money but instead one who has experience and professionalism, one who listens to the customers and conduct themselves in a decent manner.

There are certain ways in which one can find a Real Estate Agent


Most of the estate agents continue in business as they have satisfied clients who refer friends, neighbors and co-workers to the estate agents. Asking people which estate agent they worked with and the description about experiences helps in finding the best one. A successful estate agent makes sure that customer satisfaction is the main goal and puts their needs before his own. One who goes higher than his responsibilities shall win the customers.

Search online for Estate Agent Listings

There are several real estate websites which refer estate agents but have no guarantee of quality. International Real Estate Directory gives you the profile of all the professional estate agents associated.

Attend the Open Houses

Attending open houses you can come across agents in simple working environment and talk to them clearly, collect the business cards and make some notes if required. If thinking of selling a house, one should pay attention to the estate agent displaying the home. Is he well-mannered and informative, should appear knowledgeable and give some informational material about home or simply ignoring you?

Track the Neighborhood signs

One should pay complete attention to those estate agents who sell the listing fast rather than those who have largest number of sales. Results do speak volumes.

Using the Print real estate Advertising

The ads are run basically for mainly two purposes, firstly to sell real estate and secondly to promote real estate. Looking at the papers and then following up in the websites of the estate agent and calling to speak to them about their experiences is a good way to find one.

Recommendations from other real estate professionals

This is mainly done by agent’s referrals. They are always happy to refer either buyers or sellers to their associates if the service needed is not the specialty of that agent. Pros tend to refer pros.

With these selection process, one can select the best agent and get good option.

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